General Estate Planning

Any family with children or assets should engage in the lifelong process of preparing for the distribution of assets to heirs and beneficiaries. Without attention to this process, families may incur expensive, protracted difficulites after the death of the parent and/or property owner.

Estate planning involves complex issues. I can help you control the distribution of your property and minimize the costs associated with the administration of your affairs.

These tasks are accomplished by the use of wills and trusts. The will is simply a prepared and signed document which indicates who will administer your estate and who will receive its assets. A trust is a document with three participants: the trust maker, a trustee who manages investments and one or more beneficiaries who enjoy the fruits of the trustee’s work. Trusts enable people to control and direct assets beyond the date of death. For example, minors or people with disabilities do not come into control of assets before they are able to handle them. With decades of experience, I will help you to do this efficiently and economically.

As you undertake the estate planning process, it is appropriate to consider life-planning documents, a power of attorney, a living will and a health care powers of attorney. I include these with every estate plan.

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