Selecting a Special Needs Attorney


Special needs planning has been a category of legal assistance for only the last 20 years.

Today, a number of attorneys represent themselves as special needs lawyers. Many of these practitioners are elder law attorneys who are conversant with Medicaid law, which is crucial to older people who will need nursing care and to people with disabilities. The rules that apply to these two groups are not always the same.

I focus solely on special needs planning. I do not characterize myself as an elder law attorney. As a parent of a daughter with special needs, I have a particular sensitivity for the issues and concerns that other parents encounter at each stage of their child’s progress. I am happy to share anything that would be useful to you.

I have had the privilege of serving hundreds of special needs families in Southern Ohio. I also have been an advocate for important nonprofit organizations devoted to the the welfare of people with special needs, and I have provided assistance to a number of housing organizations for people with disabilities.

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