RD1_2Thank you for visiting my website. I suspect that you are here because within your family there is a person with developmental or mental health disabilities. While my practice embraces other areas, I focus on service to families where there are people with special needs.

I have done so for many years. I too am the parent of a daughter, Jeannie, who required that special care and attention that parents must devote to a child with disabilities. As she grew into adulthood, I looked for ways to protect and provide for her when my wife Kristin and I were no longer able to do that. Other parents learned of my efforts and asked me to assist them.

In recent years, federal and state legislation and critical court decisions have enabled parents and lawyers to develop techniques that will protect their children when the parents can no longer do so. I have been able to help hundreds of families assure that their children will live lives marked with dignity and financial security, enriched with all of the protection and opportunity that a parent wants to provide.

In the Pages box at the top of the right-hand column, you will find some important information to begin your reflection and determination to do all that you can for your loved one. In the Resources box, I have included several individuals, agencies and organizations that I work with. These in particular deserve your confidence.

My office is located in Cincinnati, but I serve clients throughout Greater Cincinnati and Southeast Ohio.


Richard B. Dusterberg, JD, Ph.D

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